2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year. With a new year comes new ideas. Here are some hot wedding trends to make your special day stand out.

2017 Standout Wedding Trends

Image Courtesy of Lauren Kinsey Photography

Metallics: From copper to rose gold, these colors work with any palette. Used sparingly, it can add detail and make your decor pop. Utilize one metal piece for a singular focus and have it displayed in a location for maximum impact. The copper mugs of a Moscow mule or even gold table cloths for the head table are beautiful small details to add to your wedding.

Custom Invitation: In today’s world, everything is digital. Taking a step back and having hand-made invitations will make your guest very excited for the big day. Put your style into them and make them as unique as you are. From Foil stamping to loud colors, i.e., Magenta or gold, – those things will make your invitations stand out and your guests will be anticipating the big day.

Going Green: An excellent juxtaposition from the metallic would be to have lots of greenery at your event. Lush Garlands and foliage will give your event a more down to earth and calm feel.  No matter your theme, adding green will make any event feel organic and invigorating. You can have bouquets that are entirely green and devoid of flowers or have them as table runners.

Florals:  If you want to have your wedding be the zenith of what a romantic theme is, have these flowers in your design: garden roses, dahlias, and other soft petal blooms. Spread rose petals on your table runners or in your centerpieces to add some flare to your decor.

Food Trucks: The hottest thing in catering right now are food trucks. From Korean BBQ tacos to deep fried Twinkies, these truck are versatile and add a fun twist to the regular dining experience.

Branding: Many clients will add an element to their entire event that ties everything together. From creating a logo to having a signature color, these events are like creating a brand identity for the wedding to make it completely customzied for them. Think of creating a Snapchat filter or even having a hashtag for all of your friends that use social media, having a logo on your invitations or having that same logo made into a Gobo to be thrown on your dance floor. These things can have a cohesive element that ties everything in your party together.

New Angles: Why not have an attractive take on your event? Photography companies with drones add a bird’s eye view to your wedding and can take some great pictures and videos that aren’t possible with traditional methods. Want a new approach to a traditional photo booth? Why not get one that makes GIFs or even has the slo-mo filter from Instagram?

After Party: Who says that the wedding has to end when the reception does. Set up a lounge area with a DJ and keep the party going. Having an after-party, with no formalities will allow you and your friends to feel more comfortable to party hard and have a fantastic time.

Circles are the new straight lines: While having aisles will be a timeless tradition, you can switch up by setting up your ceremony into circles, swirls or even waves. Designing your ceremony site like this adds intimacy to the ceremony or even has a twist to the expected set up.

Fantasy scenes: Want to have your wedding in the jungle or even in the Mos Eisley Cantina? Projection mapping can transport your event anywhere in the galaxy and is a favorite among those fans of the fantasy variety. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to apply this to an entire room, you can do it on your wedding cake.

As technology furthers and people grow more creative, weddings are getting more and more unique. Keeping your day special with everything designed with you in mind, will have your friends and family talking about how beautiful everything was for years to come.