Whether you are having your wedding reception at a beach house or an event venue such as a hotel ballroom, you can create a mesmerizing look by focusing on the details. For some this means getting on Pinterest and pinning away.  For others, they will sit over coffee with their fiancé and think through the theme and/or the feel they are going for.  Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Photography Backdrop – Most families only get together a few times a year, so why not create a spot at your reception for the family to take pictures?  If you are outside, you can just utilize the beautiful gulf as your backdrop.  However, if you are inside, you can be utilized a patterned backdrop in your cocktail area for your family members to take pictures which can be utilized for future holiday cards, family photos, etc.
  • Uplighting – This can take an event space from average and turn it into a “wow factor”.  This type of lighting can be used both indoors uplightingor outdoors to customize a space to your theme/feel.  Think of what colors will look best based off of your table/furniture décor and add some of this type of lighting to enhance that. We believe this is the single best upgrade to any reception.
  • Eclectic Knick Knacks – Why not have some fun things to entertain your guest at their tables while they wait for everything to start? You can even make it a fun game and have some sort of a scavenger hunt. If you have soquestlove-daily-show-thumbnailsmething that doesn’t really belong, it will make for a great conversation starter.
  • Bow Tie Bar – Although Bow Ties are the “in” thing right now, not everyone has one.  You can create a bow tie bar to fix that! Make a bunch of bowties that all your friends can wear. These can double as wedding keepsakes for your guests as well!
  • Cafe Lighting – If your event is outdoors, this can be a fantastic way to give it a vintage feel (think old school bulbs) which being functional in providing a ton of light for everyone to see.  These lights are affordably and fairly easy to install.


For some more awesome ideas check out the blog on The Knot.  If you need help designing an amazing event go to our team.