In our last blog post we began discussing major differences in millennial and baby-boomer weddings.  Planning a wedding isn’t the same as it was 30 or even 20 years ago.  With so many couples forgoing tradition for individuality the sky is the limit, that being said the economy isn’t the same either, many couples are choosing to scale down the wedding for a down payment on a house.  It seems almost impossible to have a dream wedding without having to live oFunny-Image-Wedding-cakesn Ramen Noodles until the honeymoon but it is possible, you just have to organize your priorities, the plus being you get to make your own rules and you are more likely to be applauded for doing your own thing instead of going by the book.

Start with what matters to you and go from there, is it entertainment, food/bar, venue, flowers?  There are ways to pick one main focal point that you not only want to remember but your guests will remember as well, you just have to get creative with all of the other details, subbing candles for flowers can add funds to your budget dramatically, wedding cakes are beautiful pieces of art that all you end up with is a photo and a sugar high, so maybe instead of cake you opt for assorted mini desserts that are less labor intensive but just as tasty if not more so.  Do you and your partner love travel?  Maybe you place something on each table from every place you’ve visited together?

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life up until that point and the most important thing to remember is the new beginning you are creating on that day with the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.