We all know that gen-exers and millennials are bending, breaking and re-writing the rules our baby-boomer parents and their parents lived by and weddings are no exceptions.  Today’s weddings are definitely not your mother’s wedding, where every tradition in the book was followed – a check list of todos, dress, venue, food, cake, flowers, band and you’ve got a wedding!  As millennials, WE MAKE THE RULES and of course, we must reflect our individuality. With that comes more stress than your mother’s cookie cutter wedding not to mention the price tag of today’s average wedding (approximately $25K).

So where do we start?

Destin Weddings

Prioritize your wedding!  This starts with the guest list.  If you put everyone you have ever met on that list, your headcount could soar easily to over 300.  This may be fine for some, but let’s face it, that is a little unrealistic for most, if not all, of us.  So who makes the cut?  Family is a given.  Where it gets a little tricky is with everyone else.  Our advice is keep it to people you would have in your home for dinner.  At the end of the day, you are buying them a meal (and hopefully booze all night).  It’s ok to pass on that friend from college who gives you that annual Facebook birthday post.


Next up…details!!!